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  • If I rent an apartment at Bowtie High, can I access the amenities at Schwab Industrial?
    Yes! Bowtie High residents can use the amenities at Schwab Industrial and our Schwab Industrial residents can use Bowtie High amenities.
  • Do you require a one year lease?
    We do not require one year leases. We do however try to avoid ending leases in November, December, January, or February. We will in some circumstances end a lease in one of those months, but your monthly rent may be higher if you choose to end your lease during one of those months.
  • Can I break my lease?
    Generally speaking, you cannot break your lease. You do have options though if you need to break your lease. If you find a new tenant to take over your lease obligation, and they also qualify to rent the apartment, we charge a small leasing fee to cover the cost of screening the new tenant and drafting a new lease. ($250) If you want us to find you a new tenant, we can help. If we find you a new tenant to take over your lease, we charge a fee equal to one month's rent. If you don't wanna do any work, we may still be able to let you out of your lease, but that will depend on what month you plan to vacate your space. If you plan to vacate your space December-March, we probably cant help, but if you want to vacate any other month, and you give us 90 days notice, you can pay a two month lease breakage fee and we will cancel the remaining term of your lease.
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