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Here's the thing - Homestead has changed and so have the options for renting. Welcome to Bowtie High - this 31 unit, school to apartment conversion can not be described as anything less...than fire.   Garage parking (with Tesla/EV charging), fitness center (stacked with a Peletion, of course) and a killer common space has you like "screaming face emoji" before we even make it through the first sentence of amenities. Each apartment has their own separate large storage unit, additional office/conference space available and an elevator that services the whole building. And we know damn well that elevator will be used after your workout in the fitness center.  Shall we tell you about the custom built wainscoating, the original terrazzo flooring and the crown molding throughout the main floor hallways, or let you be impressed visually when you're stopping by to sign a lease? Jumping into our 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, you'll quickly see you have enough natural light to get a suntan while watching TV. [To be read extremely fast]....Disclaimer, Bowtie High owners do not condone, promote, or encourage such behaviour. It is not safe or permitted to sunbathe without sunscreen on. Consult with a dr... etc etc etc. ) Where were we. Super tall ceilings, killer hardwood floors, white shaker cabinets, quartz countertops and all the other things that sound fancy.  Non dumb lights (aka smart lights) and walk in closet with in unit laundry. Overall, a bad butt (keeping it G rated) apartment with top notch amenities. Last, but by far not the least, we are super close to Voodoo Brewery, Dukes Upper Deck Cafe, Local Motion (yoga studio) Steel Valley Roasters, Homestead Escape room, Axe Throwing and many more local restaurants and attractions.  Bowtie High - let's start living. 



Incredibly chic and modern design with historic features give way to endless interior possibilities. Giant windows invite natural light in for a bright & airy atmosphere.

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Property Address

Bowtie High Luxury Apartments

120 E 9th Ave Homestead, PA 15120

📞 (412) 446-0064

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